Front view of Baykal BPL-H 2006 HPR 260XD  machine

Baykal - BPL-H 2006 HPR 260XDNO-PLA-BAY-2015-00001


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This Baykal BPL-H 2006 HPR 260XD Plasma Cutting Machine was manufactured in the year 2015. It is equipped with a Technos PC12 control unit. The machine has a positioning speed of Up to 20 000 mm/min.


  • brand: Baykal
  • year: 2015
  • MODEL: BPL-H 2006 HPR 260XD
  • application type: Plasma cutting
  • Location: Norway
  • machine type: Plasma Cutting Machine
  • availability: Sold
  • control unit brand: Technos

Technical Information - Baykal BPL-H 2006 HPR 260XD

Control Unit

  • Brand: Technos
  • Model: PC12


  • Outer length: 6400 mm
  • Outer width: 2200 mm
  • Height adjustment: 750 mm


  • Main electronic connection: 400 V ± 10%/ 50Hz - 60Hz ±2%.
  • Power consumption: 200 kVa

Additional Information

    Machine Benefits

    • Technical Machine Benefits:
      • - Pipe cutting function Ø50-600mm
      • - Bevel head
      • - 6-station drill and thread unit, drill max Ø20mm, thread max Ø16mm
      • - Stationary control panel instead of panel on cutting boom, positioned on the left side of the machine when viewed from the front.
      • - Cutting width : 2200mm
      • - Cutting length : 6400mm
      • - Double-sided synchronized servo drive on y axis = longitudinal movement of cutting head
      • - Single synchronized servo drive on x axis = transverse movement of cutting head
      • - Ac servo driven motors (brushless)
      • - Fast positioning speed 20 mt/min with ± 0. 05 mm positioning accuracy
    • Qualitative Machine Benefits:
      • - The cutting table is independently constructed from the cross beam and machine frame, to achieve positioning accuracy under any weight on the table.
      • - The cutting head has sensors for automatic adjustment of the cutting head cutting height.
      • - Collision protection on the plasma cutting head, the machine comes with electrical equipment for: 400v
      • - Sectioned cutting table integrated with automatic extraction system, extraction hatches that open on the work surface for better extraction, plasma cutting head : including cable pull chain
      • - "high-definition type plasma supply unit, programming software for nesting/optimization of parts via pc, regulator : single output
      • - Manual/automatic gas console for selection of plasma and additive gases, high capacity air filter unit for dust and fume collection (optional), hose package : hose package for cutting source, gas supply : hose package for gas supply
      • - One set of consumables (nozzles, electrode, nozzle holder, manifolds etc), positioning speed : up to 20 000 mm/min
      • - Working temperature : between -10° c to +30° c, exhaust system : cnc operated with pneumatic hatches, motorsy axes : left and right side two brushless ac servomotors, traverse y axes : double-sided via rack and pinion drive, motor x axis : brushless ac servo motor, transverse x axis : via rack and pinion and gear drive
      • - Operation y axis : double-sided, two-way longitudinal operation, operation x axis : double-sided transverse operation, guide y axis : linear guides, guide x axis : linear guide, guide x axis : linear guide
      • - Plasma source : hypertherm hydefinition plasma hpr260xd with, auto gas console, control : technos pc12 ( made in the usa ) windows based, software package : lantek nesting software for pc ( lantek expert ii )

*There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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