Front view of Baykal BLS-NL 2060 4kW Fiber  machine

Baykal BLS-NL 2060 4kW Fiber

Baykal - BLS-NL 2060 4kW Fiber


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This BAYKAL BLS-NL 2060 4kW Laser cutting machine was manufactured in the year 2014. It is equipped with a Beckhoff CNC control unit. The machine has a laser power of 4 kW as well as a max. load capacity of 4450 kg. See PDF (EN) with technical benefits attached below.


  • brand: Baykal
  • year: 2014
  • MODEL: BLS-NL 2060 4kW Fiber
  • application type: Laser Cutting
  • Location: Hungary
  • machine type: Laser Cutting Machines (CO2)
  • availability: Immediately
  • control unit brand: Beckhoff
  • GINDUMAC ID: HU-LAS-BAY-2014-00001

Technical Information

Control Unit

  • Brand: Beckhoff
  • Model: CNC

Main drive

  • Laserpower: 4 kW


  • Workpiece drm over bed: 2000 mm
  • Workpiece drm over support: 6000 mm


  • Table load: 4450 kg

    Additional equipment

    • - Nesting Software LANTEK Expert Cut II / Metalix AutoNest PRO
    • - Nozzle Cleaning and Calibration Automatic
    • - Fume extractor include 1000 m 3 /h
    • - High performance and precision linear system Beckhoff CNC controller
    • - Double circulation water cooling
    • - Fiber optic beam yield/delivery/dosing system Windows-based operating system
    • - 360-degree freely rotatable, positionable CNC control panel
    • - Automatic pallet changer (double loading tray) with hydraulic lift, integrated motorized drive system
    • - Programmable auxiliary gas (air / oxygen / nitrogen) selection 1-25 bar Advanced Precitec cutting head (air with cross blowing)
    • - Automatic nozzle cleaning and calibration system Standard smoke extraction system, Lantek CAD/CAM system - Built-in safety systems

    Additional Information

      Machine Benefits

      • Technical Machine Benefits:
        • - Cutting head precitec procutter 2. 0
        • - Focusing lenses 150 mm
        • - Linear rails (bosch rexroth)
        • - Rapid traverse 115 m/min. 150 m/min
        • - Vector speed 165 m /min 215 m/min
        • - Acceleration 2. 2g (22m/s2) 3. 0 g (30m/s2)
        • - Absolute positioning accuracy ± 0. 02 mm ± 0. 01 mm
        • - Repeatability ± 0. 02 mm ± 0. 01 mm
        • - Programmable feed rate up to 100 m/min up to 125 m/min
        • - Transfer table motorized motorized - automatic exchange
      • Qualitative Machine Benefits:
        • - Baykal uses a precitec laser head, which allows for the best results and constant peak performance on the material surface of the final product.
        • - Thanks to the capacitive sensor, the distance between the laser head and the workpiece is constant.
        • - The laser head is equipped with a cassette system.
        • - The cutting head also includes a lens protection mirror. The mirror protects the cutting lens, thus ensuring its long life. The easy-to-replace and inexpensive protective mirror allows trouble-free operation without any problems with the lenses.
        • - The cutting head is equipped with a collision protection system. In the event of a collision with the workpiece, the head easily detaches to avoid further damage.
        • - Automatic nozzle cleaning - and adjustment // gas control and delivery system
        • - The machine is equipped with an automatic gas selection system. Depending on the cutting process, the machine automatically selects and adjusts the cutting and auxiliary gases. The low- and high-pressure nitrogen, oxygen and air cutting, and auxiliary gas lines are all connected
        • - Twincat cnc control software for beckhoff controls pc-based control software with full cnc functionality covers the entire range of classic cnc functions
        • - Ipg photonics fiber laser
        • - The laser beam is created inside the fiber and reaches the cutting head without interruption, except for the beam coupler or switch

      Extra information

      • - Touch screen monitor - 320 GB program data storage // Light barrier protection, full cover as standard equipment // Lens protection window

    *There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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